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What is new in Azure AI? New infrastructure and availability

by Spanish Point - Sep 7, 2023
What is new in Azure AI? New infrastructure and availability

Manufacturing, retail, finance, and healthcare are just a few of the sectors that are going to be completely transformed by the disruptive technology of generative AI. Microsoft has opened the ground for businesses to take advantage of the efficiency and creativity that generative AI can provide. In order to scale Microsoft’s products, Azure AI infrastructure is essential, with the Azure OpenAI Service at the forefront. It gives programmers the resources, infrastructure, and tools they need to build cutting-edge AI-powered apps on the Azure platform. Businesses can create richer user experiences, stimulate creativity, and boost productivity using generative AI.

Expanding Generative AI Globally with Azure OpenAI Service

Microsoft share changes to Azure AI infrastructure and apps that will enable companies as part of their commitment to democratizing AI. The most sophisticated OpenAI models, GPT-4 and GPT-35-Turbo, are now accessible in a number of more locations as part of their effort to increase the Azure OpenAI Service’s worldwide reach. With the help of our dynamic Azure AI infrastructure, this expansion guarantees that companies everywhere will have access to unmatched generative AI capabilities.

Several more locations, including Australia East, Canada East, East United States 2, Japan East, and United Kingdom South, are now offering Azure OpenAI Service.

As part of this expansion, Microsoft is increasing the availability of GPT-4 across the new regions. This enhancement empowers more customers to leverage GPT-4’s capabilities for content generation, document intelligence, customer service, and beyond. Azure OpenAI Service enables organizations to elevate their operations, fostering innovation and transformation across diverse industries.

Azure ND H100 v5 VM Series: Unprecedented AI Processing and Scale

Microsoft is now announcing the general availability of the Azure ND H100 v5 Virtual Machine (VM) series. These VMs feature the latest NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking, meticulously engineered to deliver supercomputing performance and scale for cutting-edge AI workloads. As part of their dedication to generative AI, Microsoft are leveraging an AI-optimized 4K GPU cluster, with plans to ramp up to hundreds of thousands of the latest GPUs in the coming year.

The ND H100 v5 VMs are now available in the East United States and South Central United States Azure regions. Enterprises interested in accessing these VMs can register their interest or find technical details on the ND H100 v5 VM series at Microsoft Learn.

Key features of the ND H100 v5 VMs include:

  • AI Supercomputing GPUs: Equipped with eight NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, these VMs offer significantly faster AI model performance, providing businesses with unmatched computational power.
  • Next-Generation CPU: Built on the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, these VMs prioritize CPU performance for AI training and inference, ensuring optimal processing speed.
  • Low-Latency Networking: Featuring NVIDIA Quantum-2 ConnectX-7 InfiniBand with 400Gb/s per GPU and 3.2 Tb/s per VM of cross-node bandwidth, these VMs deliver seamless performance across GPUs, matching top-performing supercomputers globally.
  • Optimized Host-to-GPU Performance: Utilizing PCIe Gen5 with 64GB/s bandwidth per GPU, Azure achieves significant performance advantages between CPU and GPU.
  • Large-Scale Memory and Memory Bandwidth: These VMs rely on DDR5 memory, delivering faster data transfer speeds and efficiency, making them ideal for workloads with larger datasets.

Microsoft’s dedication to ethical AI is fundamental. The highest level of protection for users and customers is provided by their AI platform, which integrates strong safety features and makes use of human feedback mechanisms to manage dangerous inputs responsibly. Businesses may apply for access to the Azure OpenAI Service to fully realize the benefits of generative AI while upholding ethical standards.