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How ISVs can leverage Azure Firewall to Improve Security Defences 

by Spanish Point - Nov 17, 2022
How ISVs can leverage Azure Firewall to Improve Security Defences 

Naturally, as we have watched the explosive and exponential growth of technology over the past several years, rapidly developing and accelerated by the volume of people now working from home, we have also seen enormous and worrying developments in the ransomware industry. For example, the Colonial Pipeline hack in the USA. It is now more obvious than ever before that cybersecurity must be taken seriously not just by ISVs, that are mainly digital, but every single organisation.

With Azure, organisations can limit exposure to cyber-attacks and take comfort that their data is stored on the Azure cloud behind Enterprise grade infrastructure.

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That’s why Microsoft has invested heavily in Azure Firewall and has provided organisations with all the necessary tools needed to sufficiently protect their cloud infrastructure and workloads. But what does it protect against? Ransomware is a deliberately harmful and malicious software used by hackers and designed to usually ‘encrypt’ data or block access to your computer systems until a sum of money is paid.

There are several ways Ransomware can be spread, often through links in emails which, when clicked, infect the computer systems with a virus, or websites which bypass the computers permission stipulation and download software onto its system, thus infecting the computer and potentially exposing vulnerable data. Ransomware is so dangerous as it can result in huge consequences for your business, such as potentially years’ worth of precious data being destroyed, customer data breaches which may result in law suits and hugely impeding productivity in your business. 

This is where Azure Firewall comes in. Using its Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDPS), any amount of data entering your system is inspected thoroughly, including payloads, headers and more to identify harmful or suspicious data and prevent it from intruding on or penetrating your network. IDPS also allows you to track this data by monitoring your network for it, it allows you to log the details of it and report it and/or attempt to block it. 

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