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How ISVs can Embrace DevOps to Accelerate Innovation

by Spanish Point - Dec 3, 2020
How ISVs can Embrace DevOps to Accelerate Innovation

By leveraging open source software, including a package dependency and a handful of lines of code, ISVs can get apps with advanced capabilities like image processing in no time at all.

In a technology-driven world, developers are at the heart of any ISV’s innovations. Productivity doesn’t just come from great tools; you also need to facilitate collaboration and code re-use across teams. This accelerates problem-solving and focuses efforts on solving new problems important to your business, versus those that have already been solved by others.

Would you choose software created by a handful of isolated developers or software crafted by thousands working collaboratively to make a stronger build? 

Microsoft Azure is the cloud with developer services built-in and GitHub is building on this foundation to become Microsoft’s core DevOps Platform.

Devops & Github

Leverage Microsoft DevOps with GitHub to deliver fast, efficient innovation 

1 Product Innovation

  • Improved app performance, scalability, and resiliency in the cloud
  • Multilevel collaboration and expertise sharing
  • Autonomous innovation & project management

2 Delivery Speed

  • Stronger performance with faster build times
  • Continuous integration
  • Code tests and staged environment releases

3 Flexibility & Control

  • Any language, any platform, any cloud
  • Control and support over your entire cloud state
  • Management at every stage of app development

4 Security

  • Code protection with end-to-end security
  • Automatic governance policy checks & validations enforced post-deployment
  • Vulnerability reviews and extended support

DevOps allows us to accelerate delivery, while still delivering reliable solutions through common goals, increased collaboration, and a shared focus on innovation.

ISVs can execute a DevOps strategy by enabling teams to collaborate more, enhance productivity, facilitate experimentation, and automate their processes from development, through to delivery and operations. DevOps is also about delivering value faster by increasing efficiency, eliminating waste, and streamlining feedback to developers to continuously improve the solution.

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