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Our Data Analytics Solutions

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SMART Analytics

SMART AIM is a Cloud Migration Roadmap which produces a prioritised list of phased work packages for Azure Cloud Migration & Deployment. It is a metaphorical train, where you can join with your application at any time and at any place you want and end up wherever you want to go as an organisation.

SMART AIM helps dramatically increase your business outcomes. AIM is a Cloud Migration solution proving you cost savings, operational excellence, as well as migrating to a platform that allows you to take advantage of the latest technology.

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Dashboard in a Day

Spanish Point offer a Dashboard in a Day service that quickly and effectively allow you to start discovering business insights from your data right away.

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Data Analytics Solutions

Are you looking to streamline your data management processes and leverage the power of AI? Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform is a comprehensive solution that enables you and your team to overcome the challenges of managing multiple data sources. Remain ahead of the competition and accelerate your company growth and analytics system by adapting rapidly to changes and layering in predictive insights.

As a specialist in analytics using Azure Services, Spanish Point is uniquely positioned to help you accelerate innovations and empower faster decision-making with an integrated data platform. Our Analytics team has over 15 years of experience using Power BI & Microsoft Azure together to connect, combine and analyse databases and analytics systems while automatically mapping and governing your full data estate.

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Modern Data Warehouse and Datalakes Solutions

Modern data warehouse and data lake solutions are essential tools for those organisations seeking to manage and analyse their data effectively. These solutions are designed to enable your organisation to store, manage, and analyse large volumes of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.

At Spanish Point, we have over 15 years of experience in building modern data warehouse and data lake solutions using Azure Services. Our solutions are designed to help organisations optimize their data management processes and gain valuable insights from their data. Our approach is centred around understanding your business needs and tailoring solutions to meet them. We help you implement the right tools and strategies to capture valuable data, improve data quality, and extract valuable insights.

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Visualisation, Analytics & Reporting

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool that allows you to turn your data into actionable insights. With its advanced visualisation, analytics, and reporting capabilities, you can create compelling data-driven stories that inform and inspire decision-makers.

At Spanish Point, we have extensive experience in using Power BI to help our clients unlock the value of their data. We can help you create custom reports and dashboards that make it easy to understand your data and gain insights that drive business growth.

Synapse Analytics


Azure Synapse Analytics provides businesses with a comprehensive machine learning platform for data analysis. It offers a range of capabilities related to machine learning, including data acquisition, and understanding, modelling, and deployment. With Azure Synapse Analytics, your organisation can leverage a wide range of capabilities related to machine learning, including data acquisition, and understanding, modelling, and deployment.

With the powerful combination of Synapse Analytics, Data Factory and other Azure Services, your organisation can streamline your data management processes and achieve even greater insights into your data. We can help you design and implement custom solutions that can provide clear, concise, and actionable insights into your data.

Spanish Point Technologies

Our Expertise

With the leading team of Microsoft Azure engineers in Ireland, Spanish Point is ready to work with you to develop an Azure and Power BI solution that suits your business needs.

Data has become the most strategic asset of our time, Spanish Point’s team of experts will help you get the most out of your data allowing you to remain competitive and ahead of the curve.

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Data Analytics

Optimise your operations with Data Analytics and Power BI

Turn your business data into insights with Data Analytics, powered by Microsoft Azure and Power BI. Make informed decisions by analysing massive amounts of data in real time, and get the insight you need to deliver intelligent actions that improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and lower costs. And with Power BI – see your entire business on one dashboard, visualise data in stunning graphs or analyse data on the go with mobile apps.

Ready to turn your business data into actionable insights?

Help your teams make confident, data driven decisions by quickly building rich reports and visualisations at a reduced cost, with optimum security and minimised complexity.