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Infrastructure as Code

Over 100 different Azure resource provisioning templates and associated automation scripts for the most common scenarios.

Smart Aim Library Storage Account - Infrastructure as Code


Many teams share common infrastructure needs like server clusters, load balancers, databases, caching, CI/CD and monitoring. However, building these components from the ground up is time-consuming and costly. That’s why our team has developed the SMART AIM Library of prebuilt components which notably enhances speed, security, and quality, offering customers a minimised risk landscape.

What's in the Library?

Explore a diverse collection of over 100 Azure resource provisioning templates accompanied by automation scripts tailored for various common scenarios.

Infrastructure as Code Library Features

Security by Design

All templates have either public access or private access/endpoint support where applicable.


Facilitates the deployment of the Azure infrastructure and environments in a consistent way with approved best practice configurations.


Highly reusable and easily customisable.


Field-tested in live environments with our customers.

Supported by Spanish Point

We boast a team of seasoned Azure experts ready to assist you with inquiries, troubleshooting, best practices, and ongoing maintenance.

Regularly Updated

Customers benefit from regular updates enriched with new functionalities by the Spanish Point team.

Access to the Spanish Point SMART AIM Library

Access to the SMART AIM Library is retained by the customer, and it is regularly updated with new functionality by Spanish Point Development teams when new custom code is developed on projects. The new custom code is created as reusable automated scripts that are then added to the SMART AIM Library, being made available to all licensed customers.