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Waste and Recycling Industry


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System migration to Azure Cloud Platform

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Cloud based technology is reshaping different industries around the world and the waste management industry is not an exception. To efficiently improve the traditional and manual systems the waste management industries use, AMCS have worked to develop a fully automated and mobile system platform that enhances operation efficiencies, business agility and user experience.

AMCS used Spanish Point’s Smart AIM processes and technology in engineering their software to the cloud and Microsoft’s Azure platform. The result is an integrated solution that helps the waste management industry gain better understanding of every logistical element within their supply chain and improve customer service.

“AMCS are leaders in digital transformation for the waste management industry. They are a forward looking and innovative software company constantly looking for opportunities to add value to their customers.”

Donal Cullen


The Challenge

Waste operations serve both industrial and private customers. It involves a series of operational and commercial activities with complex logistics that require the efforts of many employees. Traditionally, many companies involved in the industry have used paper-based systems and processes manually updated when needed.

These operation systems faced challenges with updates, sufficient record tracking and organization, making the logistics process inefficient and time consuming. To encourage business agility, many companies needed to adopt newer technologies to improve and drive digitization which supported growth and competitive advantage.

AMCS is the global provider of integrated software and vehicle technology for the waste, recycling and material resources industries. They acknowledge that, in order to improve the control of the vehicle routes, communication and customer service, their customers need to operate smarter, drive automation and reduce costs.

The Solution

Partnering with Spanish Point, AMCS successfully leveraged Microsoft Azure to provide innovation for their customers. Spanish Point supported AMCS in the process of creating an enterprise grade cloud and software platform to empower waste management companies to be more competitive and enable better control.

AMCS supports large or complex organisations with their different demands and workloads. The digitalization of end to end business processes across multiple roles within an operation has facilitated consolidation of data in one place and access to real time data, as well as automation of internal processes.

By implementing the AMCS Platform, many AMCS customers found themselves better able to deliver high quality customer service, increase asset utilization, optimize margins, improve transportation, back office and processing operations with clear visibility, mobility and decision support.

Key Benefits

Save on infrastructure costs

Access what they need in a scalable, flexible and cost-effective way

Protection against security threats – disaster, flood & cyber attacks

Foster and drive innovation

The AMCS Platform is trusted by over 1,500 waste and recycling companies worldwide. This SaaS solution helps AMCS’s customers to deliver significant operational and administrative efficiencies while having better control of their waste management costs. It also improves their level of customer service for many companies by allowing them to get real time information.

The AMCS Platform is accessible in any browser or on any device, and it uses an agile approach which improves the user experience, enables quick project delivery and enhances operational efficiency to maintain the highest level of service and safety quality standards.