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Musical Rights Licensing and Royalty Distribution System

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SQL Server, Azure, SharePoint

Music & Copyright Solutions

IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation) is a national organisation that administers the performing right in copyright music in Ireland on behalf of its members (who are songwriters, composers and music publishers) and on behalf of the songwriters, composers and music publishers of the international overseas societies affiliated to it.

“For many years, the largest organisations in Ireland and around the world have relied on Microsoft technologies for their application integration requirements and have benefited from fast, cost-effective and scalable solutions built on a Microsoft platform. Many of these solutions have been built by Spanish Point and this relationship will become even more important as customers, such as IMRO, adopt cloud-based technologies.”

Tibbs Pereira


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The Challenge

IMRO was finding it difficult to keep pace with the ever-increasing evolution of online data as revenue wasn’t growing at the same rate as the data. IMRO was also experiencing increasing number of ways in which music is being accessed via new devices such as smartphones and tablets. IMRO needed to implement a scalable high-performance system that was easy-to-use and which managed the ever-increasing amounts of data and data sources.

“A process which took three to four days to run now takes under a day. Calculating royalties based on radio plays, TV programmes, online downloads and streamed music is a massive task, and requires significant computing resources. As well as high performance, Azure enabled us to build in high availability, based on geo-redundancy, at a fraction of the cost of more traditional approaches.”

John Corley


Key Benefits

Increased performance

Increased insight and efficiency

Increased flexibility and security for members

Secure and collaborative environment

Cost effective

Increased scalability and faster deployment

“The Microsoft Cloud solution designed by Spanish Point has given us the capability to cope with the massive increase in data volumes generated by digital music streaming services such as Spotify and iTunes.”

Victor Finn


The Solution

Spanish Point built IMRO an automated, cloud-based system to track copyrighted works and deliver royalty payments using the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. This system manages the growing number of databases to securely develop, manage and store critical information. The solution is a platform-as-a-service solution which gives members a secure sign-on, enabling them to quickly upload their work so they can get paid for its use without any delays. This system also calculates royalties based on all radio plays, TV programmes and online downloads. Overall, it automates back-end processes, freeing IMRO to focus on business growth.

Spanish Point architects and software developers designed and built a solution that takes advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. IMRO now leverage Azure to scale their processing capacity as they need it and add high performance computing to their solution during critical periods when they have huge data volumes of song performances to manage.