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Why use Azure AI & Machine Learning?

by Spanish Point - Jan 24, 2019
Why use Azure AI & Machine Learning?

Why use Azure AI?

Azure AI is an open and flexible platform, it has innovative hardware at hyperscale and you can also benefit from decades of AI investment. AI has been around for decades, that’s why there has been so many proven pre-built models for the user to use directly in your applications.

Some of the customers that are doing great things with AI on Azure:

UBER, Schneider Electric, American Eagle Outfitters, BT & Accenture just to name a few. These companies have been able to bring advanced intelligence into their products and services without the need to have a team of data scientists on hand.

The AI Process: Integrating AI into your applications consists of three key steps!

  • 1. Prepare data – connect to various data sources so that you can ingest data
  • 2. Build & Train – Establish a model of your choice and train with the data.
  • 3. Deploy – You can now deploy the model and have the ability to track its performance.

If you want to dive deeper and put some of this knowledge to use, come along to our upcoming Azure Data Analytics and Machine Learning Bootcamp & Training on Wednesday the 20th of March which is presented by one of our Senior Data Analytics and Machine Learning experts, Daire Cunningham.

See how American Eagle uses Azure Machine Learning to try and break the land speed record! North American Eagle teamed with Microsoft to design a cloud solution that includes advanced computational fluid dynamics software running on Microsoft Azure.

Do you want to explore the potential of Machine Learning?

If so, check out Machine Learning Studio it is a powerful simple brower-based, visual drag and drop authoring environment where no coding is necessary. Can you believe that? No coding is necessary! you can go from an idea to deployment in a matter of clicks. Its that’s simple.

Take a look at what the Drag & Drop user interface looks like!