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Tackling Climate Change and Ensuring a More Sustainable Future

by Spanish Point - Oct 4, 2022
Tackling Climate Change and Ensuring a More Sustainable Future

Currently, global warming temperatures have risen by 1.1 degrees Celsius. This rise is already the cause of irreversible damages to the climate which we will see unfold in the next decade. According to the IPCC 2022 Report, if temperatures rise beyond what they are now to 2 degrees, there will be a 99% decrease in living coral reefs that are a source of medicine, food and protect the coastline from storms and erosions. The 2015 Paris Agreement, which saw world leaders come together to agree on a common plan of action, stipulates a 1.5 degrees Celsius target to limit global warming levels. Even at that temperature, the effects will be devastating for many. The time for complacency, ignorance and denial has long passed. We need to act and be accountable.

If you are a business looking to adopt more sustainable practices check out our sustainability assessment and get started on your journey.

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How Spanish Point is facing the issue of climate change

At Spanish Point, we are taking climate change very seriously. We recognise the impact that businesses and organisations have had in exacerbating the effects of climate change and we refuse to be part of that cycle.

Having done a sustainability assessment and carbon footprint report of our business operations, Spanish Point was responsible for 23 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2021. Our goal as a company is to be a climate positive organisation. This means that we aim to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than we emit. To achieve this, the first step to climate positivity is carbon neutrality or net zero. In simple terms, net zero is when we offset and compensate for every tonne of CO2, we are responsible for emitting. In partnership with Ecologi, we have offset the 23 tonnes we emitted by funding the planting of trees and several projects around the world. We are committed to going the extra mile and will continue to fund even more than what we are the cause of. We appreciate that given the severity of the situation; this is not enough. It is only the beginning of what we hope will be positive impactful change.

Furthermore, we are adopting a more intentional, socially conscious culture and are taking active measures to reduce our emissions year on, which we hope to successfully decrease by 30%. We are also committed to driving the message of sustainability forward by making sure that those we engage in business with, be it suppliers, partners, and clients, are also on the same page. As a Microsoft partner, we have signed a Sustainability partner pledge as a symbol of our commitment to this issue.

Measures businesses should adopt to improve sustainability

Prepare for the implications of the changing regulatory landscape – As Governments and consumers recognise the need for radical climate action, businesses have to be prepared to adapt operations. There has been a massive trend in decarbonisation across different industries and great emphasis is being put on climate change action plans. This is becoming a prerequisite for several business transactions. Companies that do not have a clear, working plan on how to help solve the climate crisis and achieve net zero goals will be at a disadvantage as other businesses and government bodies will look for organisations whose principles and actions are aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Reduce energy consumption and save money while at it – With the current energy crisis that has seen an exponential rise in energy bills across the world and here in Ireland, businesses are already doing everything they can to cut energy use. These practices not only reduce one’s energy bill, but also go a long way in helping the planet. Here are some things businesses can do to consume less energy

  • Buy energy efficient equipment and purchase from sustainable suppliers
  • In office canteens should make the switch to electric stoves over gas stoves, reducing the amount of CO2, methane and other gases being released in the premises and into the atmosphere
  • Unplug electronics like printers and PC’s when they are not in use
  • Make the swap to energy efficient lightbulbs

Encourage employees to make their commute green – There are lots of ways to travel around while reducing emissions, saving money, and improving health. Staff should be encouraged to walk more. Studies have shown, this not only benefits physical health but mental health as well. The use of public transport, bike riding and switching to electric or hybrid cars will also have a much better impact on the environment.