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Why SharePoint is the Document Management System You Need

by Spanish Point - Aug 2, 2022
Why SharePoint is the Document Management System You Need

As your business grows and expands, the traditional document management system will no longer suffice. Many organisations that don’t prioritise document management end up with slow servers, disorganised records, multiple versions of documents, and a load of compliance issues.

Perhaps you already have a document management system, but could it be better? With Microsoft SharePoint, not only are you getting an optimised management system, you also get a whole host of other utilities such as content collaboration, website creation and more, that undoubtedly add to your company’s capabilities to help boost efficiency and productivity.

What Is a Document Management System?

Before I go into detail about why SharePoint is the document management system you should implement, I want to first explain what exactly document management means.

It is a system that organisations put in place to govern how electronic information and data is initially collected, stored, tracked, and catalogued for easy retrieval and distribution.

Essentially, a good document management system should fundamentally allow you to perform all the above listed functions, seamlessly.

Consequences of a Poor Document Management System

  • Compliance and Regulations Issues: By law, information and documentation must be kept accessible and secure, most documents will have regulatory requirements that companies must meet. This is very important as non-compliance could result in financial penalties or, in more severe cases, imprisonment.
  • Multiple Versions: Without a principal site where final versions of documents are stored, chaos and confusion are inevitable. It will only be a matter of time before the wrong or outdated version of a document is sent to stakeholders. This could potentially be disastrous.
  • Security Breaches: The lack of investment in a system with quality security measures can put the documents in your company’s possession at risk and lead to data breaches. Sensitive documents should be accordingly labelled, access should be restricted, and back-ups must be kept. Failure to do so could result in legal complications.

What Makes SharePoint the Best Document Management System Money Can Buy

Now, onto why you’re really here. What makes SharePoint so special? Asides from the fact that it is everywhere and is one of the most used systems on the market.

SharePoint’s Software Compatibility – Since SharePoint was created by Microsoft, it automatically makes it compatible with other Microsoft owned software. This lends itself well to a wealth of capabilities. Collaboration within the business will run much smoother and documents can easily be shared among colleagues. Furthermore, SharePoint’s software is available for mobile devices, giving your staff a lot more flexibility.

SharePoint Offers High-level Security – With SharePoint, the safety of your files and documents is a priority and was a major factor in the design of the software. It allows for security at folder level, where each folder can have its own restrictions and permissions. What’s more, SharePoint lets you know when files are edited or viewed while keeping a backup of any changes made.

SharePoint’s Modifiable Features – SharePoint supports the modification and adaptation of its toolset so that businesses can tailor the system to specifically suit their needs. This is particularly useful for larger organisations that require precise components in their software. This is yet another example of SharePoint’s flexible design.

SharePoint Incorporates Advanced Searching – the file retrieval process is made much simpler with SharePoint’s advanced search feature that gives you the power to find files easily using not just the file name but its content or certain phrases. It also allots each file with its own ID helping to save time when fetching documents.

SharePoint Can Accommodate a Considerable Amount of Data – The storage capacity SharePoint offers is substantial; it can support the demands of large organisation’s files and backups. This can increase or decrease depending on the plan selected. Organisations can choose, based on their size, the amount of storage that suits them and upgrade as the company and its needs grow.

How Spanish Point Can Help You to Transform Your Document Management System with SharePoint

Spanish Point have been delivering business solutions on SharePoint since the mid-2000s. Our experience in the field is unmatched and our dedicated team of SharePoint developers are well equipped to create a custom solution for you, certifying that your SharePoint project will be a success.

When you make the leap to modernise your infrastructure using SharePoint, Spanish Point will first conduct a Migration Assessment to gauge your needs and current situation. Together, we can agree on a migration plan specially designed to meet the objectives of your business.

We will work closely alongside you to migrate your existing system with its files, libraries etc., ensuring the process runs smoothly, quickly, and as cost effective as possible.

We can also provide ongoing support and training through our workshops and bootcamps, to make sure you get the most out of this migration.

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