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PowerApps October Update 2018

by Spanish Point - Oct 18, 2018
PowerApps October Update 2018

This post will give you a quick rundown of the latest PowerApps updates, with the goal of helping you get the most out of the service.

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Here is a list of the updates discussed:

  • Quality, Quality, Quality 

PowerApps is now faster and more reliable than ever before, with continued investments in core platform fundamentals. Microsoft are also rolling out tools that help makers and admins deliver higher quality experiences to your end users. App Checker and Solution Checker provide rich line-by-line guidance for canvas and model-driven app designers, and the PowerApps Preview program now makes it possible to try new bits ahead of production rollout to maintain continuity

  • More powerful apps built on CDS with continued platform unification 

Earlier this year Microsoft announced a major set of new features for the Common Data Service, brought in directly from the robust Dynamics 365 platform. Microsoft are continuing that unification journey, delivering new capabilities across the board from the combined strengths of both platforms. Now you can include canvas apps and flows in solutions to take advantage of the same infrastructure that powers app lifecycle management for Dynamics 365, and embed canvas apps directly in CDS entity forms to make model-driven UI customization and data connectivity easier.

  • More productive makers 

Building business apps faster is the core promise of PowerApps, and Microsoft have continued to invest in helping makers of all abilities do more with less complexity. With rich connected screen templates, improved accessibility, easier form customization, reimagined designers for CDS components and much more, a steady stream of usability improvements is continuing to expand an accelerate the success of makers on the platform.

  • Awesome end user experiences 

PowerApps isn’t just for building apps faster, it’s also a way to deliver world-class user experiences that help your team work more efficiently (and enjoy it along the way). The Unified Interface used by Dyanmics 365 and standalone model-driven apps continues to improve with new features, faster performance, and cleaner UX. Canvas apps have new controls, improved themes, custom sizes and more capabilities that help them feel at home in any host.

  • Greater admin visibility and control 

PowerApps adoption is growing dramatically across organizations, and as it does we’re helping IT admins keep up with great tools for managing adoption and maintaining high standards without slowing down citizen development. Admins now have richer analytics and insight into how their organizations are using the platform, and thanks to a new set of management connectors can now use PowerApps and Flow to fully customize how they manage PowerApps and Flow.

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