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Microsoft’s Power Platform

by Spanish Point - Nov 18, 2019
Microsoft’s Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is the collective term used to describe a suite of Microsoft tools. It encompasses PowerAppsFlow and PowerBI.

Data analysis, app creation and automation were traditionally achieved through IT teams which was a time consuming and costly process. The Power Platform accelerates business solutions, enables employees to create, automate or analyse data and achieve more without prior coding knowledge.

“500 million apps are going to get created in the next five years. Think about that. That’s more apps than the last 40 years … The challenge of 500 million applications [is that] we’re just not going to have professional developers to build these applications. So we need citizen developers. Empowering citizen developers is what the Power Platform has been built for.”

– Satya Nadella 

The traditional models of only relying on professional developers lacks in sustainability and ability to maintain app demand and costs. The answer to the growing demand for application development is the empowerment of Citizen Developers. 

A Citizen Developer is a regular business user who leverages IT tools in order to develop solutions to solve a problem within their role, function or business. The real benefit of a Citizen Developer is their knowledge of the business around workflows, interactions between roles and business realities.

The Power Platform is the set of IT tools that empowers employees to become Citizen Developers.

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Microsoft’s Power Platform is made up of three technologies:

  • PowerBI – a tool which empowers everyone to turn data into insightful visualizations they can analyse to make business decisions quickly and confidently.
  • PowerApps – a tool which empowers everyone to act and build custom line of business applications in hours, that connect to your existing data and systems to help solve specific process and business needs.
  • Microsoft Flow – a tool which empowers everyone to construct automated workflows in minutes across hundreds of popular apps and services

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