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How can I get the most out of Microsoft Power Platform?

by Spanish Point - Oct 18, 2021
How can I get the most out of Microsoft Power Platform?

Enterprises want more from their IT departments than ever before. They want ideas that will help them get a competitive advantage. They seek digital solutions that will help them achieve operational excellence. And they expect it all to be supplied quickly and on a large scale. However, no matter how innovative, proactive, and agile your IT department is, odds are it will struggle to tackle every single business problem throughout the firm in a timely manner. This is where low-code and no-code tools, such as the Microsoft Power Platform come in.

With Microsoft Power Platform, people from anywhere in the business can quickly build digital solutions to the problems they face every day, often without needing any coding experience. It empowers those closest to business challenges to modernize legacy apps, repair broken processes, uncover new insights, automate tedious activities, and turn their own ideas into effective solutions. Tight integration with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 provides a quick and easy approach to get data flowing across the company to the individuals that need it while being secure and compliant.

It’s great to empower citizen developers to build apps, manage data, launch chatbots, and automate processes, but how can you verify that all of these new apps bring value and don’t just add to IT complexity?

Internal governance and compliance enable the best Power Platform deployments, which assist citizen developers avoid the risks of unmaintained tools, zombie apps, and duplicate software, which increase costs and data security threats. A lack of governance and control raises compliance and security issues, as well as additional IT costs. It may also present new challenges to the company. Poor data governance in one organisation has resulted in disparities in reporting on the same data from two separate parts of the business, making it impossible to make data-driven choices with confidence.

Four critical success factors to get maximum value from Power Platform

1) Design and implement your governance model

Data security and compliance, as well as ongoing maintenance and application lifecycle management, must all be planned and documented. To make your platform enterprise-ready, you must implement the proper governance model to ensure that data is accessed appropriately, treated consistently, and successfully protected. Effective governance can also result in a unified approach to user experience design, which increases application usability and adoption.

2) Solve the right problems

First, you must determine the level of business demand for Power Platform services. Then you may start selecting the apps that will provide the most value. It is critical to identify the business challenge precisely so that you can understand and quantify the value. It’s also critical to determine whether Power Platform is the best tool for the job, or whether there are alternative options available in the company. We adopt a design-led approach to assist clients in uncovering the answers they require, prioritizing use cases, and determining the best match for Power Platform.

3) Enable your citizen developers

Give your citizen developers the proper training and direction so they can get started quickly and operate confidently and effectively with the Power Platform. We work with customers to internally certify their citizen developers, ensuring that they are completely aware of all policies and are prepared to produce effective solutions without exposing the organisation to risk.

4) Track value creation over time

After defining the business case and what each app should provide, it is critical to continuously monitor value realization. To maximize the business impact of your platform, you must understand what each component provides, so you know which apps to scale up, alter, migrate to a different platform, or shut down.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you optimise the value of your services and support your Power Platform deployment, please contact us here.