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ISVs Can Monitor Their Applications Using Studio for the Power Platform

by Spanish Point - Jul 9, 2020
ISVs Can Monitor Their Applications Using Studio for the Power Platform

Microsoft announced the release of PowerApps ISV Studio in 2019. The studio is important in helping Independent Software Vendors manage their applications across their install base, which was not a possibility in the past.

ISVs who extend Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or build PowerApps on the Common Data Service can benefit hugely from this introduction. Using a consolidated view of your PowerApps and Dynamics 365 CE apps, you can provide cross tenant application insights, which will allow you to monitor your apps and enable you to better support your customers

You can gain insight into your install base and assess successful versus any potential failed attempts to install your app. Additionally, you can gain insights into your installed versions across tenants and environments, which will help you assess support impact and overall adoption of your apps.

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App Metrics 

Once an application is published to AppSource, each application can be used as a lense to gain insight into cross tenant adoption patterns. Using the successful installs, you can see how many of them are Prod vs Sandbox, their tenant locations and their package versions by tenants. In addition, here you can view install attempts (Success vs Failures) by tenant.

Tenant Metrics

Adoption patterns are also accessible from a tenant perspective. The tenant specific metrics of your apps can also be viewed and allows for monitoring of successful app installs by environment. Additionally, details can be evaluated on how many of the package installs are Prod vs Sandbox, their locations and package versions in the selected tenant.


ISVs need to be associated with a Microsoft registered partner that has at least one app published in AppSource. ISVs also must have an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account and the account must be configured as an app contributor or owner in Partner Center.

ISVs adopting ISV Studio for the Power Platform can accelerate customer adoption by extending their products to integrate with customers data and business processes. Spanish Point Technologies can help you meet the pre-requisites to get started with ISV Studio today.

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