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‘Please, make it look like SharePoint’- The Design Principles that encompass SharePoint

by Spanish Point - Jul 29, 2019
‘Please, make it look like SharePoint’- The Design Principles that encompass SharePoint

SharePoint is Microsoft’s content management system which allows businesses to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing. By providing a secure place to store, organize, share and access information through the internet, SharePoint empowers individuals, teams and organisations to collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device.

With cloud or server-based options available, SharePoint 2016 provides the flexibility to tailor deployments based on your unique business needs.

‘Please, make it look like SharePoint’

Illustration Of Sharepoint

The design team behind Microsoft SharePoint strive to inspire this customer sentiment across the intranet marketplace. Form and function drive SharePoint’s design but they are closely followed by a desire to provide a beautiful first run experience, one that stands on it’s own and is configurable and customizable.

The podcast by Mark Kashman dives into the gorgeous out-of-the-box experience that is SharePoint and how that same rigor enables customers to make unique, beautiful, functional intranet sites.  Principal Design Manager – Denise Trabona and Omar Shahine  – Partner Director of Program Management for OneDrive and SharePoint, discuss the aspect of SharePoint that empower individuals, teams and organisations.

SharePoint is built based on the same design principles which shape all Office and Microsoft products;

Optimistic and Fast

SharePoint is encouraging and supports fast and agile product experiences that work seamlessly on all platforms and devices.

Dynamic and Alive

SharePoint experiences are dynamic and adaptable to the creator. Allowing for customization to express your brand and meet the needs of your audience.

Authentic and Useful

SharePoint stays relevant and useful providing tool, systems and capabilities to design and build sites that help people and business achieve more.

Forward Thinking

SharePoint experiences search for what’s possible beyond todays way of getting things done. We care about the needs of people not only today, but tomorrow — what and how they’ll create and how technology can make their content have impact.

Accessible and Optimised

Accessibility is developing an equal experience for all users that enables individuals to adjust their user experience to meet their unique visual, hearing, dexterity, cognitive, and speech needs. SharePoint believes strongly in providing accessible experiences for everyone, everywhere, and in optimizing our experiences to reflect the needs of all of our customers.

These principles encompass Microsoft’s product goals and user needs which make SharePoint a dynamic and useful addition to any business.

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