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Taking Control of Your Business Applications Data with Microsoft Purview

by Spanish Point - Jul 11, 2023
Taking Control of Your Business Applications Data with Microsoft Purview

Low-code development platforms are becoming increasingly popular among businesses in the current market. These platforms enable effective application development, which is very beneficial for companies. Organizations must, however, find efficient ways to oversee and manage the growing amount of data created and consumed on these platforms. Understanding the data landscape, finding pertinent information, and ensuring its right use become more and more challenging in the absence of effective governance.

We are thrilled to provide the private preview of the Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Dataverse integration, which directly addresses these data governance concerns. Organizations may automate data discovery, apply sensitive data categorization, and take greater control of the data estate of their business applications thanks to the combination of Microsoft Purview Data Map and Microsoft Dataverse. Businesses may protect their data, strengthen their risk and compliance posture, and improve overall data governance by utilizing this connectivity.

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The Microsoft Purview integration with Dataverse offers several key capabilities for customers:

  1. Comprehensive Data Mapping: Organizations may construct an all-encompassing, current data map by integrating Microsoft Purview and Dataverse. This data map offers a consolidated view of the data landscape and includes Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and other supporting sources. Businesses can make wise judgments and manage their data efficiently when they have a comprehensive grasp of their data assets.
  2. Automated Data Classification: Automated Data Classification: The integration makes it possible to classify data automatically by utilizing both pre-defined system categories and user-customizable classifications. To recognize and comprehend sensitive data, one must use this feature. Organizations may ensure effective protection measures and reduce risks connected with data exposure by automatically identifying data assets.
  3. Empowered Data Consumers: Data consumers are empowered by Microsoft Purview integration since it gives them the means to find reliable and valuable data. Users can locate the data they need and make data-driven decisions with the help of extensive metadata and lineage information. This self-service option boosts output and encourages efficient data use.
  4. Enhanced Data Security and Governance: Microsoft Purview may be used by security managers and data curators to efficiently manage and safeguard the data estate. The platform contributes to improving overall data security by lowering data exposure, safeguarding sensitive data, and protecting it. Organizations may set up effective data governance processes with centralized management and thorough insights.

As part of its connection with Dataverse, Microsoft Purview provides a user-friendly configuration screen that is especially made for finding Dataverse tables and locating sensitive information. Organizations may more easily control their business application data with this user-friendly interface, which makes managing data assets simple.

So, what exactly is the purview of Microsoft? It is a complete set of data governance, risk management, and compliance tools made to help businesses oversee, safeguard, and manage their whole data estate. These solutions address the problems caused by data fragmentation, distant user connectivity, and changing IT management responsibilities. Using Microsoft Purview, businesses can:

  1. Gain Visibility into Data Assets: Microsoft Purview removes data silos and enables improved data management procedures by giving an integrated view of all organization-wide data assets. Organizations may learn more about their data landscape and use that knowledge to make wise decisions.
  2. Enable Access to Data, Security, and Risk Solutions: Organizations may maximize their investments by integrating Microsoft Purview with current data, security, and risk management technologies. Through operation-streamlining integration, key solutions are easily accessible, and their efficiency is increased.
  3. Safeguard and Manage Sensitive Data: Microsoft Purview implements strong security controls and offers insights about data access and usage to assist enterprises in protecting sensitive data. Businesses may comply with legal standards and safeguard sensitive information from unwanted access by implementing thorough data protection procedures.
  4. Manage Data Risks and Regulatory Compliance: Organizations may proactively manage data risks, guarantee regulatory compliance, and efficiently handle data breaches or other incidents. Businesses are given the tools and insight they need by Microsoft Purview to reduce risks and maintain regulatory compliance.

In conclusion, Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Dataverse’s integration is a big step forward in enabling companies to successfully manage the data used by their business applications. Businesses can take control of their data, boost compliance, and encourage informed decision-making by using automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and better data governance capabilities. Microsoft Purview is an effective tool that enables businesses to realize the full potential of their data while maintaining its security and compliance.

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