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Webinar: Power Apps Low Code No Code: The Future of Business

Tue, 9th May

Location: Online

Duration: 10:00am - 11:00am

With this low code platform, simplify your digital transformation process and build targeted applications that easily connect to diverse data sources, automate workflows and ultimately improve performance and security. Your legacy systems may not have the same level of security as newer systems making them more susceptible to hacking and other forms of cyber attacks. Using Power Apps, upgrade your outdated systems and safeguard your business.

Learn how it enables you to:

  • Strengthen security, allowing you to protect business data and control access.
  • Upgrade manual processes, repetitive tasks and spreadsheet focused workflows.
  • Streamline communication between different departments and systems leading to better coordination and faster response times.
  • Gain the flexibility needed to support growth, allowing you to scale with confidence.


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