Spanish Point have developed a PowerApp Desk Booking app, designed to enable users to book their desk in advance when they want to go to the office. Our solution provides your office with the flexibility it needs to easily manage hybrid working and hot desking.

Our Book a Desk App consists of an easy-to-use mobile app (also available online) with an interactive floorplan that matches your office space. Employees can view real time availability of desks and simple reserve one by tapping on the map. The app can also help you track all bookings and makes them available in a secure way through Excel.

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Requirements and Licensing

We have built this app so that it can be used by most businesses who have Office 365. Buildings, Floor Plans and Desk layouts are all configurable at system setup. We are providing the app free for a 60-day trial period, including the source code, so that companies can adapt and customise it as needed. The app is a “Canvas App” and stores its data in SharePoint lists.  Any customer with an E3 Office 365 subscription should have everything they need in place to be able to use the app.

How it Works

1. Users can select from multiple office buildings and swipe through multiple floor plans within an office building. Once they have selected their building and floor, they can select a zone to make a booking. All buildings and corresponding floor plans are configurable at system setup.

2. Within a zone, the user can visually identify the desk pod that they want to view. For that pod, they can then see a visualisation of the desk configuration so that they can see which desks are available. The user can click on any desk to book and confirm by pressing the “Book Desk” button.

3. A pop-up notification will appear once the booking is confirmed. All booking information is available in a main SharePoint list. The list can be exported to Excel and be available to the office administration staff to easier keep track of the bookings.

4. The user can easily review their bookings by clicking on the “i calendar icon” in the top right corner of the screen and can also delete a booking if required.

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Installation and Configuration

Give your organisation the opportunity to create a flexible work environment and efficiently utilise your space with Spanish Points Book a Desk App


<50 employees

  • Suitable for companies with 50 employees or less.
  • Software license
  • No set up & configuration


50-250 employees

  • Suitable for companies up to between 50 to 250.
  • One-off payment covering standard set-up, configuration & software license
  • 60 day free trial
  • 3 free day implementation


>250 employees

  • Suitable for companies with more than 250 employees.
  • One-off payment covering standard set-up, configuration & software license
  • 60 day free trial
  • 5 free day implementation

How to get the App?

Please contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible