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Strategies for breaking down silos & unlocking value – Strategy 1

by Spanish Point - May 3, 2019
Strategies for breaking down silos & unlocking value – Strategy 1

Strategy 1: Accelerate growth with unified operations

A common problem for any organisation is falling into a ‘silo mentality’, where departments and smaller groups can’t effectively share information with each other or uncover critical business insights. Instead of functioning as one team, these businesses often lack visibility into other areas of the organisation and operate less efficiently, which translates into a poor, disconnected experience for their customers.Our four part series will analyse four strategies that help organisations

Breaking free of silos empowers people to do their best work by eliminating the barriers between customer relationships, processes and data.

As part of our 4 part blog post series, we’ll share four strategies for breaking free of silos by connecting your data and unifying your entire organisation to help meet the demands of the modern customer.

Get a complete view across customers and all your operations

In today’s marketplace, you need total visibility into your business – from the sales pipeline to inventory management – while also effectively engaging customers and employees who are always on the move. When your customers are everywhere, your business needs to be too.

Know your organisation

Get better visibility into your organisation and make more informed decisions. By connecting different areas of your business, you can provide a higher level of service to customers by having more visibility into areas such as inventory, fulfilment and delivery. Conversely, greater visibility into your sales pipeline will allow you to more accurately forecast demand, efficiently plan resources and optimise operations.

Streamlining your business operations also provides a much more seamless experience for your customers. Dynamics 365 keeps your customers updated on their orders from sale to delivery and helps streamline time-consuming processes like generating quotes and invoices.

Know your market

With Dynamics 365, you get access to realtime insights into customer and market demand, so you can plan more accurately and make more strategic decisions for your business. Insight into social media and market activity can also help sellers uncover new sales opportunities.

Know your customers

Advanced machine learning models, backed by the reliability and processing power of Azure, can give you predictive insights on customer buying patterns. When engaging with customers directly, relationship insights give sellers up-to-theminute intelligence so they can understand the health of sales opportunities and effectively prioritise sales activities. Staying ahead of your clients’ needs with realtime intelligence is crucial when building customer trust.

61% of operations leaders expect changes in customer behaviours to become a disruptive factor for their industry in the next five years.

Unify operations with Dynamics 365