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Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace and How it can Benefit ISVs

by Spanish Point - Jul 7, 2022
Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace and How it can Benefit ISVs

In the modern technology, consumers have the ability to purchase applications through their mobile phone. In a similar way, ISVs can now offer their software to other organisations via a Cloud Marketplace.

The past two years have greatly accelerated digital transformation across the globe. Microsoft are working closely with customers to ensure they adapt to the new way of remote working with a shift towards the Cloud.

Alongside this growth in digital transformation, Cloud Marketplaces have seen a significant shift with 80% of sales interactions forecasted to happen through digital channels by 2025 and a predicted revenue of $3Billion through marketplaces in 2021.

Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace caters to a range of solutions that ISVs may offer. Azure Solutions are found in the Azure Marketplace

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There are many options on offer to ISVs to support them in the marketplace. If you are an ISV and the above is something you are interested in for your business, please reach out to Spanish Point Technologies for more information to get you started.

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