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Shaking Up Low Code Development Platforms with PowerApps

by Spanish Point - Jan 30, 2020
Shaking Up Low Code Development Platforms with PowerApps

Microsoft’s low-code development platform is actually two products: Power Apps for application development and Power Automate (once called Flow) for process automation. These are part of its broader Power Platform suite that also includes Power BI, a widely used reporting and analytics offering. 

Microsoft PowerApps is a result-driven business application maker that aids organizations in pushing solutions to customers. Spanish Point implement PowerApps to allow companies answer problems in the form of web or mobile applications.


Using Microsoft PowerApps, Spanish Point will help you connect your data from the cloud and develop Business Applications that work on any phone, tablet and browser without writing any code.

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Microsoft has only one technology stack for all of its developer toolsets and platforms. Power Apps and Power Automate run on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, and Logic Apps, one of its platform services. In the recent past, Microsoft had separate stacks — and warring product tribes — for .NET, the Office tools, and tools to customize its Dynamics enterprise apps.

The implications for the vendor landscape will also be dramatic. Power Apps and Power Automate promise to soak up demand for common and well-understood use cases. For most enterprises, the platform will seem to be free because rights to the technology are bundled into larger agreements and/or products. 

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