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ISVs can easily Migrate from Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) to a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Model.

by Spanish Point - Apr 7, 2022
ISVs can easily Migrate from Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) to a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Model.

Spanish Point Technologies has been awarded one of the highest certifications bestowed by Microsoft, joining less than 120 Microsoft partners certified worldwide as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP).  The Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) program is a global initiative by Microsoft to highlight and promote their top partners.

To achieve Azure MSP status, Spanish Point had to complete a thorough audit by a third-party provider that assesses the partner’s capabilities, practices, and plans. We also provided multiple customer references of Azure managed services projects delivered over the last 12 months that validate our skills and ability to meet customers’ demands. Furthermore, to retain this status, partners commit to continue to meet pre-requisites annually and complete a progress audit every year. 

Spanish Point was recognised as the only Microsoft partner worldwide with an IP based DevOps approach with our SMART AIM library and a dedicated practice with a focus on DevOps. Spanish Point are 1 of only 45 partners worldwide selected for the global Microsoft Azure Specialist for ISV programme, and a member of the GitHub Inner Circle Member, designed for partners who provide advanced DevOps design and built services.  

Microsoft offers an Azure subscription model called Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), where partners, like Spanish Point, own the customer relationship end-to-end. This means that we are responsible for setting up the cost, directly billing customers, provisioning and managing subscriptions and being the primary point for support.

Many ISVs decide to migrate from an EA (Enterprise Agreement) to the CSP model at the time of renewal of their EA in order to take the advantage of the benefits of CSP. However, this change can be challenging, expensive and time consuming.

However, Microsoft has developed an automated, self-service transfer tool which enables partners to migrate EA Azure Subscriptions to CSP with no downtime in a straightforward and smooth manner.

Azure Expert MSPs, specialized Azure partners that have built a robust business around delivering managed services and a great experience to customers, have access to this tool for transitioning customers from Direct EA to CSP. This is done by submitting a request to transfer Azure subscriptions for ISVs who are using EA.

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