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Reimagine your culture and employee experience with our digital workspace collaboration solution

by Spanish Point - Oct 5, 2021
Reimagine your culture and employee experience with our digital workspace collaboration solution

Spanish Point customers tell us that people are their most important asset. Our customers ask us to build employee portals that allow their people to collaborate and innovate seamlessly and securely from anywhere on any device.

A Portal is a pre-built digital workspace that improves employee communication and collaboration, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional built-from-scratch intranet.

With the flexibility to be designed with the user and corporate brand in mind, your portal will be future proofed as based on Microsoft’s new modern framework for SharePoint.

The Spanish Point SMART Workplace, Provisioning Engine creates your company portal site according to an agreed template design and allows the automation of business processes.

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Spanish Point design and build SMART Workplace portals that enable organisations to create a sustainable workforce with high levels of talent retention and productivity.

Workplace Solution Design

Spanish Point has both a proven SMART Workplace template and a design methodology that ensures a successful outcome. The methodology leverages Microsoft best practice, global research and our own experience with customers across commercial and public sector organisation. SMART Workplace provides sample end user look and feel design templates e.g. a modern Intranet template. SMART Workplace is also a governance template from Spanish Point for your organisation Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites, providing:

  • Controls on how sites are created, named and classified, whether guests can be added as members
  • Policies for expiration, retention, and archiving
  • Control of what features and functionality your users will have access to
  • Security and compliance capabilities of Microsoft 365, supporting auditing and reporting, compliance content search, discovery, legal hold, and retention policies.

Spanish Point Provisioning Engine

SMART Workplace is also a library of previously developed software components from Spanish Point for common business scenarios that add value and functionality that is not natively available in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Included is the Spanish Point Provisioning Engine that creates site instances based on the agreed design. Individual sites can be provisioned according to your organisation template using our engine. This makes sure that your collaboration workspaces are all created in a consistent manner with shared look-and-feel, specific permissions, metadata and common site features. This allows:

  • Self-service boilerplate for site creation
  • A request and approval process to control the creation of sites
  • A way to surface aggregate content for your sites
  • A way to control sites using your own business practices. For example, a site can be made read-only to archive it.

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