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Delivering a competitive edge with Data and AI

by Spanish Point - Jul 25, 2018
Delivering a competitive edge with Data and AI

Microsoft are accelerating digital transformation by infusing intelligence into our business.


Using the power of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI, Microsoft can derive insights to help them optimize operations, drive innovation, and deliver value to the company and its customers.

Now, more than ever, intelligence is key. Data alone doesn’t help business leaders transform their organizations. Advanced analytics and machine learning provide the insights for data-driven decisions that drive our business forward. Readily available cognitive services truly democratize AI, making every developer an AI developer.


  •  Unite the Data:

Unlock the power of AI by consolidating data from different systems, technologies, and locations into data estates to enable broader connections and insights.

  • Unleash insights with machine learning:

Bring the power of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI to derive insights from data. These insights bring increased value to the organisations by optimizing operations and facilitating development of more innovative products and services.

  • Inform decisions through visualized data:

Use data to influence every decision with dashboards that intuitively visualize data, facilitate deeper analytics, and inform decisions.

  • Embrace intelligent agents:

Build intelligent agents that give employees the information and help they need when they need it – empowering employees to do more while streamlining operations.


Unleash the Power of Data


  • Real-time Targeting:

The Marketing sector will be open to greater efficiency due to the coming together of Big Data and AI. The efficiency will be gained through a concept known as real-time targeting, which had the potential to generate a 20 percent increase in sales opportunities. Companies will have instant access to data as its created, whilst simultaneously leveraging machine learning functionality to plan into the future.

  • Benefiting Entrepreneurs and Business Owners:

Recent studies have indicated that 70 percent of enterprises will embrace AI in the next 12 months. With high concentration among business owners to accept next generation analytics and AI, 2018 is shaping up to be a highly productive year for entrepreneurs across the board.


Stay tuned for our Seminar in partnership with Microsoft on the 20th of September, Details on registration coming soon!