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Spanish Point to supply a Musical Rights Licensing and Royalty Distribution System to the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency

- Jan 18, 2012
Spanish Point to supply a Musical Rights Licensing and Royalty Distribution System to the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency

Dublin and Toronto –January 18, 2012 – Spanish Point Technologies Ltd. (Spanish Point) today publicly announces it has been engaged by the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA) to design and develop a Musical Rights Licensing and Royalty Distribution System.

CMRRA is a non-profit music licensing agency, which represents the vast majority of music copyright owners (music publishers) doing business in Canada. On their behalf, CMRRA issues licenses to users of the reproduction right in copyrighted music. Licensees pay royalties pursuant to these licenses to CMRRA and, in turn, CMRRA distributes the proceeds to its clients. CMRRA is based in Toronto and has approximately 100 fulltime staff.

“The music industry is facing major changes and challenges that are impacting the ability of songwriters to be compensated fairly for their work,” said David A Basskin, President and CEO of CMRRA. ” In order to respond to unprecedented demand for licensing, and to best provide for the collection and distribution of royalties, we have decided to invest in new technology to allow for improved processing and communication between all parties involved.”

Spanish Point’s solution will replace CMRRA’s current technology with an up-to-date and advanced system providing rich functionality as well as an ability to interface and exchange data easily with other systems.

Commenting on CMRRA’s search for a partner to develop their new system, Mr Basskin noted Spanish Point’s proven track record in supplying copyright licensing and distribution systems as a major factor in choosing them for this significant development. Spanish Point has previously been recognized by Microsoft for work in the musical royalties field, for which it was awarded the Worldwide Partner of the Year Award.

The solution designed for CMRRA draws extensively on Spanish Point’s expertise in modern software development tools and technologies such as Microsoft’s .net, BizTalk, SharePoint, Azure and SQL Server.

“Our design ensures a high degree of integration between modules. By using an integrated technology stack from Microsoft, our solution ensures that CMRRA will enjoy the latest developments in areas such as system integration, parsing, transformations, human-based workflow, full-text indexing and searching, and other technologies relevant to the its needs,” said John Corley, CTO of Spanish Point.

The implementation will be rolled out in a series of phases and is scheduled for completion in Q3 of 2013.