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Microsoft Azure for ISVs: Scale your Cloud-Native Apps and Accelerate App Moderniasation

by Spanish Point - Jun 2, 2022
Microsoft Azure for ISVs: Scale your Cloud-Native Apps and Accelerate App Moderniasation

Over 95% of the world’s largest companies today are choosing Microsoft Azure to run their business, in addition to thousands of smaller and mid-size ISVs as well. 

The Microsoft Cloud and Azure makes it easy for ISVs to start their cloud-native journey. That means developers can use their favorite languages, open-source frameworks, and tools to code and deploy to the cloud and the edge, collaborating in a secure way and integrating different components in no time with low-code solutions.

Build modern, cloud-native apps productively with serverless technologies

As new apps are built, ISVs will lean toward them being cloud-native since they’re designed to take full advantage of everything the cloud offers. Using cloud-native design patterns helps achieve the agility, efficiency, and speed of innovation that you need to deliver for your business.

This is made possible through architectures and technologies like containers, serverless, microservices, APIs, and DevOps everywhere, which offer the shortest path to cloud value. Azure, GitHub, and the Microsoft Cloud can better enable ISVs to easily leverage capabilities.

Azure Container Apps offers an ideal platform for application developers who want to run microservices in serverless containers without managing infrastructure. It’s built on the strong open-source foundation of the Kubernetes ecosystem, which is core for cloud-native applications.

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) was built to be a destination for all developers and provide the best-managed experience for Kubernetes. It delivers elastic provisioning of capacity without the need to manage underlying compute infrastructure and is the fastest way to spin up managed Kubernetes clusters and configure a seamless DevSecOps workflow with CI/CD integration.

Power and Scalability

What makes the Microsoft Cloud particularly rich as a development platform and ecosystem is the services it delivers and the underlying cloud infrastructure that allows you to focus on writing and shipping code. You can build upon and leverage a complete cloud-native platform, from containers to cloud-native databases and AI services.

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully-managed and serverless developer database—and the only database service in the market to offer service legal agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing single-digit millisecond latency and 99.999 percent availability. These guarantees are available globally at any scale, even through traffic bursts.

We see customers innovating at a faster pace with cloud-native technologies. Azure Arc brings Azure security and cloud-native services to hybrid and multicloud environments, enabling you to secure and govern infrastructure and apps anywhere.

Modernize Java applications

Java continues to be one of the most important programming languages, and we’re committed to helping Java developers run their Spring applications more easily in the cloud. As part of a long-time collaboration with Pivotal, now VMware, Azure Spring Cloud was created as a fully managed service for Spring Boot applications to solve the challenges of running Spring at scale. Azure Spring Cloud is a fully-featured platform for all types of Spring applications; to better reflect this, the service is now called Azure Spring Apps.

Developing with the Microsoft Cloud puts the latest technologies in your hands and empowers you with both control and productivity. It offers a trusted and comprehensive platform so you can build great apps and solutions.

Seize greater opportunities with Spanish Point Technologies and SMART AIM

Cloud migration provide valuable growth opportunities for ISVs. Benefits include a deeper knowledge of your customer needs, cloud opportunities and new revenue streams. Also you have the opportunity to bundle your products with Microsoft’s suite of popular solutions. Having an experienced CSP partner to guide you can help you get the most from the program. 

Spanish Point Technologies partners with ISVs to provide them with an effective Azure roadmap. This plan, SMART AIM, helps ISVs to move applications to Microsoft Azure and access the opportunities within the cloud. Spanish Point will provide you with a set of tools and processes to accelerate your migration to the Cloud. This allows ISVs to achieve growth through cost savings and operational improvements.