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Azure AI & the potential of Machine Learning

by Spanish Point - Dec 18, 2018
Azure AI & the potential of Machine Learning

Would you like a fun fact about AI before you read this post? Well you are going to have to hear it anyway! Did you know that 63% of people that use AI daily are unaware that they are using it? That figure is astonishing right?…..

AI is the power behind the next wave of transformative innovations that will change the world. The use of AI not only benefits employees with disabilities, but also employers and workplaces as a whole, creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. With Azure AI, Microsoft can empower organizations to easily:

  • Use Machine Learning to shape predictive models that better develop business processes
  • Exploit advanced vision, speech, and language capabilities to build applications that deliver personalized and captivating experiences
  • Apply knowledge mining to bring to light the latent insights from vast repositories of files

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”The life insurance industry is facing enormous change, and at TAL, we want to be the leaders of that. That means leveraging all the new opportunities presented by data and machine learning”, says Dan Taylor, General Manager of Innovation, TAL.

TAL is a 150-year-old organization and Australia’s leading specialist life insurer.  Learn from them how Azure Machine Learning brought innovation to improve outcomes for their customers.  See how Azure Machine Learning models are being created quickly, helping them to evaluate a higher percentage of cases and ensure fairness for their customers.

With features like automated machine learning, organizations can advance their model development by identifying suitable algorithms and machine learning pipelines in a more appropriate manner. This helps organizations significantly cut down development time, from days to hours.

With Azure Machine Learning service, you can rapidly and efficiently build, train, and deploy machine learning models anywhere from the intelligent cloud to the intelligent edge.