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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Transform Customer Service

by Spanish Point - Jul 3, 2019
How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Transform Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the core of the digital transformation which is improving economic and business capabilities across several different business aspects, including customer service.  AI takes over routine tasks and allows agents to address any customer interactions which require deeper insight and analysis. Subsequently, agents can spend time nurturing profitable customer relationships which are so rare in the modern digital world.

Artificial Intelligence is being increasingly used to;

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  • Deliver differentiated customer experiences
  • Make existing operations smarter
  • Uncover new revenue streams and reinvent business models
  • Quickly distinguish trends in issues and customer sentiment

Artificial Intelligence helps customer service agents complete repetitive, predictable tasks — or takes them over. AI is comprised of discrete technologies which are advanced enough to learn, predict, adapt and potentially operate autonomously in order to power many of today’s consumer experiences. Whether they be speech recognition, pattern-based recommendations or image recognition and classification.

How Ai Will Transform Customer Service

The vision of pure AI includes self-detecting, self-healing devices and intelligent contact centers staffed with bots and supporting customers and devices via automated yet personal interactions. This vision is still years away from realisation. However, pragmatic AI is accessible today.

To learn more about how artificial intelligence will transform customer service; download the complimentary Forrester report by following the link above.