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Modernising Applications Partner of the Year 2024

Modernising Applications

Spanish Point Technologies is proud to be recognised as the Modernising Applications Partner of the Year, highlighting our expertise in helping businesses transition their legacy systems to cloud-based solutions. Our comprehensive services are designed to streamline the cloud migration process, ensuring that businesses can enhance their operations and harness the full potential of Microsoft Azure.

Pioneering Excellence in App Modernisation with Cloud Integration

Our approach to modernising applications involves a comprehensive assessment to identify the best opportunities for cloud migration. We design a bespoke strategy for each client, ensuring their transition to the cloud is as smooth and efficient as possible. Central to our strategy is our proprietary SMART AIM (Application Innovation & Migration) toolkit, which includes:

  • SMART AIM Library: This library provides Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates and CI/CD pipeline automation tools, specifically designed for Azure’s popular PaaS and IaaS components. It streamlines the integration and deployment process, significantly reducing deployment times and costs.
  • SMART AIM Methodology: Our methodology encompasses a suite of services that support every phase of your migration. From planning and assessment to management and optimisation, we ensure your cloud migration is handled with precision.

By leveraging the SMART AIM toolkit, Spanish Point Technologies not only simplifies the cloud migration process but also enhances it with Azure Landing Zones, Azure DevOps Pipelines, and continuous support and consulting. Our focus on Infrastructure as Code minimises manual errors and maximises efficiency, providing businesses with a scalable, secure, and robust cloud environment.

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