Windows Virtual Desktop:

Secure, Flexible, and Affordable

Why is Windows Virtual Desktop important to your business?

No matter what the future brings, we’ll be dealing with a more remote workforce so it’s at the IT teams’ best interest to find ways to:

Whitepaper Windows virtual desktop: Secure, flexible and affordable
  • Add users quickly and easily
  • Scale efficiently on demand
  • Give end-users a seamless rich client experience with Outlook, Search, Cortana, OneDrive, and Skype
  • Manage different deployment types across different deployment planes
  • Bring Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to your users
  • Integrate security and management e.g. Microsoft 365, AAD
  • Run Windows 7 legacy applications post upcoming Win 7 EOL
  • Regulated industry and need to meet strict compliance requirements
  • Reduce management and deployment costs for Windows Server

It is time to make your IT simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate. Find out more in our recent Whitepaper.

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