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Spanish Point present awards to Defence Forces for IKON project

- Nov 17, 2015
Spanish Point present awards to Defence Forces for IKON project

Spanish Point presented an award to a Defence Forces personnel at the second of a three series IKON awards at the Curragh recently. The awards recognise excellence in the usage of SharePoint within the prestigious and innovative IKON project.

The IKON project is an enterprise-wide system which consists of a fully integrated web platform which improves collaboration and provides information, knowledge, document and records management.  The solution is significantly improving operational effectiveness for all formations and units of the Defence Forces.

This new solution enables members of the Defence Forces to communicate effectively, from any DF location and share information and knowledge on a single unified platform. It will considerably increase productivity and deliver significant cost-savings by improving the access to timely information and therefore improving the decision making capabilities of key personnel within the organisation. This will deliver the DF’s stated IKM policy goal of “enhanced information exploitation and information superiority using a collaborative, information-sharing, networked environment.”

Spanish Point is working closely with the Defence Forces on this project as it educates members how to utilise the technology. Spanish Point presented an award at the first ceremony and will present a third at the next celebration.​