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Maximise Productivity and Reduce the IT Costs for Your Remote Workforce

by Spanish Point - Jan 28, 2021
Maximise Productivity and Reduce the IT Costs for Your Remote Workforce

2020 has introduced a wave of unprecedented conditions. Most notably, Covid-19 and the accompanying global pandemic left many organisations eager to find ways to accommodate an increasingly virtual workforce.  

In today’s environment, it’s vital for businesses to enable remote work strategies for their teams. Windows Virtual Desktop enables users to continue work through desktop and application virtualisation, empowering companies to provide a secure, productive experience in a changing world. 

Talk about timing. With the coronavirus forcing a telecommuting sea change — we went from corporate workers begging, usually unsuccessfully, to be allowed to work from home to businesses insisting that they do so — Microsoft released its latest and best desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) program, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). 

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) allows companies to run Windows desktops hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. 

How WVD can help empower your employees to work remotely? 

WVD provides users with a full Windows 10 experience and the productivity and business intelligent tools that they know and love. Whether in the field, working remote, or travelling, employees will be able to access their desktop environment with WVD. WVD works across devices, and from any location with an internet connection! 

How do you keep sensitive information secure?  

WVD is built in Azure, so it is secure by design. WVD users log in to access their desktop environment, so you can easily protect sensitive company and customer information with Multi-Factor Authentication. 

WVD was designed to keep confidential customer information secure. Role-based access control in WVD allows you to easily manage user groups and assign permissions to protect sensitive information.  

Reduce IT expenses 

WVD is a unique solution because it provides a better user experience, at a lower overall cost than other desktop virtualisation solutions. With WVD you can utilise your Microsoft 365 subscriptions (most SKUs) to cover licensing costs and pay only for Azure infrastructure. WVD has the unique benefit of being the only solution that provides a Windows 10 desktop experience at multi-session cost. It is the best of traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, at the cost of a Remote Desktop Solution.  

How can Windows Virtual Desktop Empower Employees? 

  1. Maximise productivity. WVD is optimised for Office and provides all the features your employees will love, like Outlook search. 
  1. Access your desktop from anywhere with an internet connection with secure sign on to WVD. You can load your desktop from the office, the coffee shop, or the tarmac to stay connected wherever the job takes you. 
  1. Use your favorite device by signing into your desktop through the WVD app or web portal. You can use whatever qualifying device works best for your work style. 
  1. Don’t miss a step. Easily access file history in your favorite Office apps while switching between devices. 

Businesses are latching on to WVD as a way to solve their sudden telecommuting difficulties. Simon Binder, endpoint manager at Microsoft, recently tweeted that there are “6 times more [WVD] users active today than expected during 2020.” 

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