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Power BI Desktop Update July 2018

by Spanish Point - Aug 13, 2018
Power BI Desktop Update July 2018

Business Intelligence like never before

July is a big release for the Power BI Desktop team! The most exciting feature this month is a preview of Composite models. This feature lets you seamlessly extend your DirectQuery models with other DirectQuery sources or even imported data. There are also many reporting features this month, including an update to our visual header that lets you not only put visual all the way to the top of your canvas, but also have extensive control over the functionality and formatting of the header.

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Here is the complete list of July updates:


  • Composite models (preview)


  • New visual header with more flexibility and formatting
  • Wallpaper formatting
  • Theming update – more visual and page control
  • Tooltips for table and matrix
  • Turn Tooltips off for visuals
  • Slicer accessibility
  • Formatting pane improvements
  • Stepped line support for line and combo charts
  • Turn off combo chart data labels for individual series
  • Sorting experience improvement


  • Distribution factor insights

Custom visuals:

  • Power BI certified category
  • Disabling specific organizational visual
  • Visio custom visual generally available
  • Mapbox custom visual generally available
  • DataText Box custom visual
  • China Scatter Map custom visual

Data Connectivity:

  • IBM DB2 DirectQuery connector
  • Improvements to Web by example connector,
  1. Support for importing multiple custom tables
  2. Automatic completions for specifying sample values
  3. Exposure of attribute selectors in HTML. Table function
  • SAP HANA – Values for variables in variable input experience