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Microsoft Office 365: Confronting the Challenges of the Modern Workplace

by Spanish Point - Feb 22, 2018
Microsoft Office 365: Confronting the Challenges of the Modern Workplace

Welcome to the Modern Workplace

The workplace has changed dramatically within the last 10, 5… 2 years even. Especially what we consider what the “typical” workplace is now. Introducing the Modern Workplace, where beanbag chairs, barista styled coffee and standing desks are optimized for productivity. However, behind the physical aesthetic to the office, there is a patchwork of internal flaws. Companies are constantly trying to keep up with technological advancements in order to not fall behind their competitors. Although change is good, it can often result in a lot of communication falling between the cracks. Especially, getting lost between different apps. Resulting in missed ideas and thus business opportunities. During this blog post, we look at the biggest trends (or threats?) impacting the way we do business within our business.

Trends/Threats Facing your Modern Workforce

  1.  Increased flexibility. There is an increasing demand for employees to be able to work “wherever whenever”. With work-life balance becoming considerably more important for millennial employees, companies are trying to cater to the future workforce. However, there is a fear that increased flexibility equals less productivity. Where employers find it hard to lead when not in front of their employees. With Microsoft Office 365, you can see the productivity in front of your very eyes.
  2. Improved mobility. Employees are becoming increasingly mobile. Employees are no longer confined into working solely in one location. Collaboration triumphs location as employees can be just as productive working remotely as they are while in office. This allows employees to be at optimum productivity at any time, in turn reducing costs for the business.
  3. Data Protection. Your business data is extremely sensitive and important to your business. You want to feel that your data is secure when communicating. Office 365 gives you the control back to your data security and compliance with built-in privacy user controls.

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In turn, all these trends can be seen as opportunities for businesses to become a responsive, modern workplace. Enter Microsoft Office 365 to deal with these evolving business needs, where intelligence beckons at its core. It is the Microsoft Office your fundamental business writes proposals and processes data with but now has moved to the Cloud. Providing seamless and protected access to information and effectively allowing your company to collaborate in their own way.

Office 365 and Your Business

What can you do today to take the next steps to becoming a more productive work environment?

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