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PRS For Music expand their capabilities with Azure

by Spanish Point - Jan 30, 2019
PRS For Music expand their capabilities with Azure

PRS for Music records whose music is being listened to on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and many other platforms, including the country and location of the listener.

Microsoft’s solutions have revolutionised the speed and scale at which PRS for Music can operate. Robert Ashcroft the Chief Executive of PRS for Music gives a brief statement of the power of the Azure Cloud “It used to take us 20 days to load and match a Spotify file, now we’re down to 11 minutes. That’s the power of the Cloud.”

Check out how Clive Meaker, Producer and Songwriter from Dr Meaker explains how PRS for Music collect his Royalties.

A benefit of using the Azure Cloud is having the ability to scale up very quickly when you need it and then when you don’t need it you can scale down. This allows PRS for Music to manage the cost profile based on the demands of their members.

Spanish Point Matching Engine:

The Spanish Point Matching Engine identifies music that has been streamed on digital and traditional services so artists get paid.

Built on modern cloud technologies and including – innovative algorithms it matches streaming music log files at a fraction of the cost and at multiple times the performance of legacy systems. It gives you the confidence to tackle streaming data with higher accuracy and operational costs that you control.

If you are a collective facing increasing data volumes and changing file formats the Matching Engine can help you. See our ‘Matching Engine‘ page.