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Artificial Intelligence In Ireland

by Spanish Point - Nov 6, 2018
Artificial Intelligence In Ireland

Artificial Intelligence at a glance


Microsoft launched research depicting the state of AI within 277 major companies, across 7 sectors and 15 countries in Europe, 20 were from Ireland.

The Artificial Intelligence Report, conducted by EY, aims for a deeper understanding of how companies are considering AI solutions in their organisations and gain insights into how they are addressing the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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See some views from people in Dublin and Cork, when Microsoft asked them about AI.

Across all countries, 71% of the companies responded saying that AI is considered an important topic on the executive management level.


Most impact on the business expected from ‘optimising operations’ –

  • 89% of all respondents, 85% in Ireland, expect AI to generate business benefits by optimising their companies’ operations in the future. This is followed by 74% that expect AI to be key to engaging customers.

AI is expected to impact entirely new business areas in the future –

  • 56% of all the companies expect AI to have a high or a very high impact on business areas that are “entirely unknown to the company today”.

Advanced with AI –

  • Only 4% of the companies are actively using AI in ‘many processes and to enable advanced tasks.
  • The majority, 51% of companies, 75% in Ireland, are still only planning for AI or are in early stage pilots.

Noticeable potential for AI in many corporate functions

  • The most widely reported adoption of AI (47%) was in the IT/Technology function, followed by R&D with 36%, and customer service with 24%. Interestingly, several functions are hardly using AI at all.

8 key capabilities that are most important ‘to get AI right’ –

  • When asking the respondents to rank the importance of 8 capabilities to enable AI in their businesses, ‘advanced analytics’ and ‘data management’ emerged as the most important. ‘AI leadership’ and having an ‘open culture’ followed.


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