Business Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop Implementation

While survival mode had been focused on managing through short-term changes, revival mode has two goals: preparing for a return to full-scale business operations, and building a resilient solution. These strategies need to be deployed ahead of any surge. Failure to do so may result in lost opportunities.

Whitepaper Benefits Of Virtual Desktop

It’s time to stop thinking about remote work as a temporary solution and adopt best practices for a more permanent solution. However, many of the solutions put in place have been stop-gap situations Nearly 40% of remote workers say they don’t have the tools they need to get the job done when working off-site.  Are you sure your organisation has given your employees what they need?

Virtual desktops that have a Windows operating system can be accessed from any device. You can work at home, at the office, from a hotel, or anywhere else. And from each device, you will have access to your data and applications.

We recommend modernising your infrastructure by using Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure. Bringing everyone on to a single platform allows for more robust security while working remotely.

Windows Virtual Desktop provides a seamless experience for your remote workers while managing security and controlling costs.

Why use Windows Virtual Desktop? 

  • Windows Virtual Desktop is free
  • Uses existing Microsoft 365 licences
  • Simple and easy to deploy
  • Built-in security

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