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Microsoft Discover Workshop: Viva

Tue, 2nd June

Location: Online

Duration: 10:00am - 11:30am

The Microsoft 365 Discover Workshop: Viva provides a hands-on experience of one, several or all four Viva modules (Connections, Insights, Knowledge, Learning) powered by M365 and offered in Teams front end. Main goal is to help customers understand our Teamwork, Platform and Employee Experience vision, where every employee is put into the centre of organization’s processes and ultimately drives bottom line.  
This workshop will change the way your team collaborates as participants discover how to drive productivity in a secure, compliant way where they themselves are the core focus. The workshop is led by a facilitator with an agenda that will help you discover the right solutions for your business in an interactive, experiential and fun setting. 
The following topics will be discussed: 

  • Introduction to EXP and Microsoft Viva 
  • Viva Insights: Bringing organizational resilience and personal wellbeing to a new level 
  • Viva Topics: All organizational knowledge organized at fingertips with no second lost on search 
  • Viva Learning: Be a better yourself tomorrow by being the middles of the learning platform. 
  • Viva Connections: Stay connected to your team, organization, goals and priorities. 

Discover what tomorrow looks like. Unleash the talent of yourself, your team and your organization today. 

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