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Discover actionable insights in your data to help you make informed decisions fast and plan confidently for what’s next.

Embracing data and AI in business provides unlimited potential and a significant competitive advantage. Analytics is one of the key factors to face your business challenges. Data-driven decision making can really transform your organization as it enhances the way challenges are addressed and improves the chances of a successful outcome. Data analysis can empower you into making more confident decisions and analysing your business performance.

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Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform provides you with valuable data in a comprehensive, innovative, and integrated way. By utilizing a single platform for databases, analytics, and data governance, you can enhance the comprehensiveness and power of your data management. This approach enables you to consolidate your data-related processes and workflows, facilitating seamless collaboration and streamlined decision-making across your organization.

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Spanish Points team of Azure experts can assist you in implementing cutting-edge technologies to leverage analytics across your entire organization, enabling you to enhance, safeguard, and streamline your business operations.

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The Benefits of a Data Analytics Platform

Accelerate Innovation

By leveraging automation and AI, you can boost productivity and allocate your resources towards generating business value. The need for change is created by new technologies and market demands. Technology has empowered consumers to be smarter, better informed, and more demanding than ever. With new automation tools and the implementation of AI you can create greater business value thanks to a smarter use of your data.

Increase Agility

An integrated data platform can enable your organization to predict and adapt to changes while also empowering swift decision-making. The shifting landscape of traditional data management and innovation forces companies to adapt to a new business landscape to achieve optimal performance. This includes utilizing advanced analytics and visualization to improve operational efficiency, enable better decision-making, monitor risks, predict disruptions, and support rapid recovery as part of an overall supply chain strategy.


We offer security and privacy controls to protect and govern your data in today’s fast paced digital world. Protecting sensitive data, safeguarding private information, and ensuring data quality are crucial regardless of the size of the dataset. However, the unique characteristics of big data present new and distinct risks that require a comprehensive strategy to enable organizations to benefit from analytics while also protecting crucial information.

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