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Adapt your workforce configuration to align with new ways of working with our engaging, mobile intranet and digital workspace collaboration solution.

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. Powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced primarily through Microsoft Teams, Viva fosters a culture where people and teams are empowered to be their best from anywhere.

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Viva Insights:  Helps people and businesses thrive with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Viva Learning: Empower people to better themselves with employee training—naturally and without disruption. Encourage a culture of growth that helps people reach their potential.

Viva Topics: Helps people put knowledge to work, using AI to surface expertise in the apps they use every day. Viva Topics automatically organises content across apps and teams with built-in security and compliance features.

Viva Connections:  Gives everyone a personalised destination to discover relevant news, conversations, and the tools they need to succeed. Shape an inclusive corporate culture where everyone has a voice.

Spanish Point design and build employee portals that enable organisations to create a sustainable workforce with high levels of talent retention and productivity. Spanish Point has both a proven SMART Workplace template and a design methodology that ensures a successful outcome.

Our SMART Workplace template was designed for today’s hybrid workplace, enabling groups of people to securely work together whilst communicating and collaborating through a common workspace. Based on the Microsoft 365 application suite, including Teams and SharePoint, it is the digital hub for employee collaboration that integrates the people, content, and tools your teams need to be more engaged and effective.

Spanish Point combines Microsoft best practice, global research and our own experience with customers across a wide range of commercial and public sector organisations to provide customers with a proven methodology to design and implement solutions for modern work.

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Your SMART Workplace Template includes

Quick & Easy Page Creation

Easily create empty pages or ones based on previous pages. Pages use SharePoint’s modern framework, which lets you focus on the content.

Q&A Bot

Digitize your employee handbook and company policy & procedures and train your Bot for your employee FAQs.

Enterprise Social

Drive employee engagement, promote communication, boost brand influence and build loyalty in your workforce to help nurture and retain your best talent.


Typically, our customer are not lacking in the information they need, they just can’t always find it. With Portals, finding the information you want is easy and fast.

Quick Links

Navigate quickly to promote content via the home page using quick links. This function will allow users to choose the links that are most relevant to them.

Use your Branding

You can choose the look-and-feel of the Portal to enhance company branding.

Site Telemetry

See how your site is being used including how and where users are connecting, which pages are popular or rarely visited, the user’s journey through your site, etc. Create sophisticated telemetry reports or ad hoc queries for administrators or embed summary dashboard reports in your SharePoint site.

News & Event Aggregation

Publish modern news articles with rich content, in-built alerts and social capabilities such as likes and comments. Publish upcoming internal and external events and training from multiple departments and various topic areas.

Content Intelligence

Just like Netflix or Amazon suggests the film or book you may be interested in, you intranet or portal can suggest content to you.

People Finder

Search co-workers quickly, see where they are in the organisation structure. what documents that are working on, or even just what they look like!


Increase your portal usage by more than 50% with the responsive design for mobile devices, so your employees can access the information whilst travelling or out of the office.


Publish and analyse quick surveys, get your employees feedback, make them feel valued, and allow more effective changes to be made.

The Spanish Point SMART Workplace, Provisioning Engine template creates your company portal site according to an agreed template design and allows the automation of business processes.

The Spanish Point SMART Workplace, Provisioning Engine


Your portal (e.g. company Intranet) to be consistently provisioned exactly as designed across your Live, Test and Training instances.

Request and approval notifications

A request and approval process to improve governance in the creation of sites. Also, you can turn on external sharing for selected sites after an approval process.

Aggregate content

A way to surface aggregate content for your sites.

Aggregation of site content across multiple sites

The SMART Workplace supports the new Microsoft recommended best practice architecture of Hub sites for aggregation across a flat architecture

Updated portal

You can delete sites after a specific period of time.

Your company portal template can include:

  • SharePoint sites following a specific look-and-feel
  • SharePoint initial content including lists and metadata
  • Specific permissions

Reimagine your culture and employee experience

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