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Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA)

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Musical Rights Licensing and Royalty Distribution System

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Azure, SQL Server, SharePoint, BizTalk

The Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA) is a music licensing agency which represents the majority of music publishers doing business in Canada. CMRRA issues licences, calculates and collects royalties and on their behalf for the reproduction of musical works.

The Challenge

The music industry is facing major changes that are impacting the ability of songwriters and their music publishers to be compensated fairly for their work. This is especially pertinent to the identification of musical works and rightsholders where the source usage data is imperfect, voluminous and often results in a substantial number of micro-royalty payments.

Having licensed a multitude of online music services doing business in Canada over the past decade, CMRRA has identified the musical works and associated rights holders for tens of millions of recordings sold and streamed online. From those services, the collective has also collected more than $100 million dollars in royalties for its music publisher clients.  The amount of data, however, continues to grow and CMRRA needed a system which would effectively manage this ever-increasing volume of data.

“Accurate automation is the key to increased efficiencies and faster royalty distributions. Spanish Point provided us with a system which has given us the capability to cope with the massive increase in data volumes and will increase and improve the accuracy of data matching for our music publisher clients.”

Lori Ellis

Vice-President, Operations, CMRRA

“This Licensing and Distribution System offers a completely new operational approach to licensing and royalty processing and is designed to match all manner of incoming work and usage data as much as possible without human intervention.”

Lori Ellis

Vice – President, Operations, CMRRA

The Solution

Spanish Point designed and built a system for CMRRA using the latest Microsoft technologies: SQL Server, BizTalk, SharePoint and Azure to create an automated, cloud-based system to track copyrighted works and deliver royalty payments. This system manages the growing number of databases to securely develop, manage and store critical information.  It calculates royalties based on the various tariffs and licensing agreements in place between the CMRRA and its licensees and allocates those royalties based on the usage data such as radio plays and online streams and downloads.  The system also automates back-end processes, freeing staff to focus on client service and business development.

New modules are currently being developed to accommodate CMRRA’s various other business lines including the licensing of online music services offering downloads, on-demand streaming and webcasting.

Key Benefits

Increased productivity by 82%

Increased flexibility for music publisher clients

Increased scalability and faster deployment

Cost Effective

Increased Insights and efficiency